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FALTOT posted 8 months ago
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It is a test from a prompt from someone else. I found it on this website.


Open yourself, smile !

nsfw, (128K) , (hyperrealistic:1. 4) , (Canon 50d:1. 2) , (high quality:1. 4) , (masterpiece:1. 4) , (high angle shot) , nsfw, (18-year-old breathtaking, fairytale, expressive blonde girl sitting on a couch in her living room, vivid blue eyes) , laughing, white teeth, (spreading legs, blonde pubic hair) , pussy, (wearing earrings and gold necklace, pale skin, (bob cut hair) , (thin nose) , detailed eyes, seductive, (spreading legs) , ((uncensored pussy) ), (big lips) , (big upturned breasts) , small waist, skinny, (voluptuosity:1. 4) , thick thighs, ((big lips) ), (dramatic) , seductive, smiling, very sexy pose, professional photo, sunny day, perfect slender body, vivacious, wlop <lora:GodPussy1 v4:0.4> . (dark eye color) ,
Negative prompt:

easynegative verybadimagenegative_v1. 3


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