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posted about 1 year ago
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beautiful face, detailed face, (jackopose), top-down_bottom-up, long legs, <lora:jackochallengeV20:1>, photo realistic, professional lighting, street, professional photo, detailed

Negative prompt: bangs, unrealistic, 3d, render,((letterbox)), anus, navel, ass, anus, body out of frame, ((distorted and misshapen)), (cross-eyed and unappealing), (closed eyes and dull), blurry and indistinct, (bad anatomy and unflattering), ugly and unattractive, disfigured and grotesque, ((poorly drawn face and lack of detail)), (mutation and abnormalities), (mutated and deformed), (extra limbs and disproportionate), (bad body and awkward proportions), (unflattering clothing and unappealing colors), (unattractive hairstyle and messy), (bad lighting and unflattering), (lack of facial expressions and dull)


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