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abyishot posted 3 months ago
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Ivanah is a formidable Amazon warrior and the rightful heir to the throne. Her mother, a revered and beloved leader, had progressively united and ruled over all the Amazon tribes and smaller groups. Both Ivanah and her mother are held in high regard, having earned the respect and admiration of their people through countless successful battles against their enemies.

As her mother's age has caught up with her, leaving her frail and vulnerable, the Amazon people face the need for a new leader. Ivanah steps forward, following in her mother's footsteps, and she is met with unwavering support, respect, and allegiance from her fellow Amazons. Embracing her destiny, Ivanah heeds the call of The Paladin to join the "Shadowhunters," a group dedicated to hunting Diablo, his minions, and other prime evils. Ivanah's objective is to protect her mother, their Amazon tribes, and the world from the looming threat of darkness.


Hunt for Diablo: Ivanah

Photo of a seductive Amazon warrior, hyper detail, intimate facial expression, handcrafted cloth worn outfit, war paint, dark woods background, raining, rain showers, dramatic cinematic lighting, concept art, unreal engine 5, RTX, ray tracing, photorealistic

Negative prompt: (worst quality, low quality, normal quality, bad quality:1.4), (lowres:1.3), (extra fingers, missing fingers:1.2), (poorly rendered hands:1.2), (mutation:1.1), (mutated hands:1.3), (deformed iris, deformed pupils:1.1), watermark, missing arms, missing hands, (long neck:1.4), (poorly drawn:1.3), (poorly drawn eyes:1.2), (poorly drawn hands:1.3), (poorly drawn iris:1.2), (poorly drawn pupils:1.2), (realistic:1.5), (blurry:1.1)


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