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Liliane posted 5 months ago
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(1girl, full body:1.4) , Beautiful Korean woman, K-pop idol, (Cute Loose Bob hairstyle) , (wearing a black wedding dress:1.4) , (small breasts) , symmetrical eyes, (aegyo sal:1) , (eyelashes:1.1) , (photorealistic:1.4) , 8k, ultra highres, hyperrealism, (dramatic lighting) , photography, beautifully detailed face, beautiful detailed eyes, (masterpiece) , High detail color photo, a professional photo, (realistic, photorealism:1.5) , (highest quality) , (best shadow) , ultra-high resolution, physics-based rendering, photo, realism, high contrast, 8k HD high definition detailed realistic, detailed, best quality, Nikon d850 film, cinestill 800

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