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Aeres posted about 1 year ago
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(masterpiece:1. 0) , (best quality:1.4) , (ultra highres:1.2) , (photorealistic:1.4) , ((full body shot:1) ) (european: 1. 2) , (sharp focus:1. 4) (insanely detailed) , (highly detailed photo:1. 2) , photorealistic, hyperrealism, (teenage woman:1. 1) , (light blue long hairs) , white eyes, g-cup boobs, long white dress, golden ornament ((transparent white cloak) ), 5 digits fingers, very pale white skin, tiny waist, gold leaf circlet, thick thighs,
Negative prompt:

EasyNegative, (bad_prompt:0.8) , bad-hands-5, painting, digital painting, cartoon, anime, sketch, signature, (deformed fingers:1) , deformity, earrings, piercing, bad teeth, crooked teeth, bunny teeth, street lights, lamps, pony tail, illustration, 3d, painting, cartoons, sketch, (worst quality:2) , (low quality:2) , (normal quality:2) , lowres ugly, extra limbs, extra digits, (extra fingers: 2) , extra hands, overlap fingers, distortion, deformity, eye bag, mutated fingers, fused fingers, (bloom: 1. 5) half body shot, upper body


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