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posted about 1 year ago
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Oldjourney an image of a wizard with a glowing staff turned to the side, black background, light art, full of colors and rich detail, color grunge, profile picture 1024px, glowing liquid, high detailed colors, colorful fire, an old man, blacklight, discord profile picture

Negative prompt: ugly, tiling, out of frame, body out of frame, blurry, blurred, grainy, cut off, draft, (cropped:1.2),(overexposure:1.2), (high contrast:1.2), (poorly drawn hands:1.2), (poorly drawn feet:1.2), (poorly drawn face:1.2), (too long neck:1:2), (extra limbs:1.2), (less than two arms:1.2), (less than two legs:1.2), disfigured, deformed,(bad anatomy:1.2), (watermark:1.2), (logo:1.2), (barcode:1.2), (UI:1.2), (signature:1.2), (text:1.2), (label:1.5), (error:1.2), (title:1.2), stickers, markings, speech bubbles, lines, cropped, low res, low quality, artifacts, low quality, worst quality, bad quality


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