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Ektirlili posted 4 months ago
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A young goddess with long wavy hair, standing in a flower field of tall grass. She is wearing a dark robe with red details, standing in the middle of the field (flower crown on her head) . She is surrounded by a swirling vortex of lightning energy, thunder and lighting. A windstorm is sweeping debris creating a whirlwind. The sun is setting behind the character creating a glowing aura around her, centered, perfect framing and composition. Epic shot, dramatic lighting, dynamic angle, (4k) , (masterpiece) , (best quality) , (extremely intricate) , (realistic) , (sharp focus) , (award winning) , (cinematic lighting) , (extremely detailed) , muscular female, (female bodybuilder, hyper muscular, thick thighs:1.6, muscular thighs:1.4, abs:1.2, thick arms:1.2, thin waist:1.2) , large breasts, cleavage, looking at viewer, (8k uhd, perfect lighting) , <lora:aime2:0.8> , <lora:hyperreal:0.3> , <lora:ai_2.0-000002:0.2> <lora:more_details:0.8> <lora:FilmVelvia3:0.8>
Negative prompt:

easynegative, ng_deepnegative_v1_75t, (worst quality:2) , (low quality:2) , (normal quality:2) , lowres, bad anatomy, (((bad hands) )), normal quality, ((monochrome) ), ((grayscale) ), ((watermark) ), bad face, poorly drawn face, bad nose, bad lips, (((deformed iris) )), (((deformed pupils) )), (easynegative) , (((bad eyes) )), (mutated hands:1.5) , (mutated fingers:1.5) , (bad-hands-5) , multiple hand, missing hand, poorly drawn hand, extra limbs, duplicate, ((too many fingers) ), ((fused fingers) ), bad arm, distorted arm, extra arms, fused arms, extra legs, missing leg, disembodied leg, extra nipples, detached arm, liquid hand, inverted hand, disembodied limb, bad feet, ((missing fingers) ), extra digit, fewer digits, (interlocked fingers:1.2)


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