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Atheist posted 4 months ago
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Double Exposure

Double Exposure Human-Nature, trees, flowers, mountain, sunset, nature mind, expressive creative art, surrealistic concept art, ethereal landscape in a cloud of magic coming out the top of a human head, incredible details, high-quality, flawless composition, masterpiece, highly detailed, photorealistic, 8k sharp focus quality surroundings

Negative prompt: || Low Quality || text logos || watermarks || signatures || out of frame || jpeg artifacts || ugly || poorly drawn || extra limbs || extra hands || extra feet || backwards limbs || extra fingers || extra toes || unrealistic, incorrect, bad anatomy || cut off body pieces || strange body positions || impossible body positioning || Mismatched eyes || cross eyed || crooked face || crooked lips || unclear || undefined || mutations || deformities || off center || poor_composition || duplicate faces


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