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abyishot posted 10 months ago
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During the weekends, when Cassy seeks a respite from the bustling outside world, she finds solace in the comfort of her own home. Embracing a laid-back and cozy atmosphere, Cassy transforms her personal space into a haven of relaxation and leisure.

As she enters her sanctuary, she sheds the formalities of her professional life and slips into a more casual and carefree state of being. Opting for simplicity and comfort, Cassy adorns herself in soft, cotton shirts that gently drape over her figure, allowing unrestricted movement and a sense of liberation. Paired with skimpy shorts, her ensemble exudes a relaxed charm and a touch of effortless style.

With a cup of steaming tea in hand, Cassy immerses herself in the world of literature, binge-watching movies that span genres and eras, and browsing the vast expanse of the internet. (Sweetheart Series 2)