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NguvuMX posted 2 months ago
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a ((tarot card) ) depicting ((The Devil) ), as ((one fully bare big muscular beast light skin color, half man half man in lust and desire, harpy feet, ram horns, bat wings, a raised right hand and a lowered left hand holding a torch) ), (((hairy chest) , redhead caucasian)), fire night with ((fairy-fantasy elements, jewels embeded) ), HDR, epic, background, volumetric light, hyper-detailed, hyper-quality, dynamic lighting, cinematic, (((neon) )) color scheme, ((multicolored) ), (colorful) , smooth, sharp focused, hyper-realistic, (((accurate anatomy) )), 32k UHD, shot on Hasselblad H6D 400c Multi shot, Mitakon Speedmaster 35mm f 1. 2 XCD --style expressive --upanime --niji 5 --q 3

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