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Justj_74 posted about 1 year ago
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full body, walking pose, slow motion, female paladin wearing full body (light silver armour:1.2) , (insanely detailed, bloom:1.5) , (highest quality, Alessandro Casagrande, Greg Rutkowski, Sally Mann, concept art, 4k) , (analog:1.2) , (high sharpness) , (detailed pupils:1.1) , (painting:1.1) , (digital painting:1.1) , detailed face and eyes, Masterpiece, best quality, (highly detailed photo:1.1) , 8k, photorealistic, (long blonde Hair, ponytail haircut, ecstatic:1.1) , (young woman:1.1) , By jeremy mann, by sandra chevrier, by maciej kuciara, sharp, (perfect body:1.1) , realistic, real shadow, 3d, (temple background:1.2) , (by Michelangelo)
Negative prompt:

jpeg artifacts, low quality, lowres, 3d, render, doll, plastic, blur, haze, monochrome, b&w, text, (ugly:1.2) , unclear eyes, no arms, bad anatomy, cropped, censoring, asymmetric eyes, bad anatomy, bad proportions, cropped, cross-eyed, deformed, extra arms, extra fingers, extra limbs, fused fingers, malformed, mangled hands, misshapen body, missing arms, missing fingers, missing hands, missing legs, poorly drawn, tentacle finger, too many arms, too many fingers, watermark, logo, text, letters, signature, username, words, blurry, cropped


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