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deffly posted about 2 months ago
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epic realistic, Terrifying Alien creature with sharp, elongated limbs, a hideous face with green dead eyes, and razor-sharp teeth. It has long, slimy tentacles that reach out to capture its prey, dark forest, horror, dark, intricate design and details, dramatic lighting, photorealistic, cinematic, cinematic noise, 8k, (Masterpiece:1.3) , (best quality:1.3) , <lora:add_detail:0.4> <lora:epi_noiseoffset2:0.4> <lora:hairdetailer:0.6> <lora:more_details:0.3> <lora:add-detail-xl:1.2> <lora:DetailedEyes_V3:1.2> <lora:sd_xl_offset_example-lora_1.0:1.2> , (natural skin texture, hyperrealism, soft light, muted colors) , background, rutkowski, rim light

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