World Battle Royale

Gravias posted about 1 year ago
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DruuuWu's world battle royale prompt, enjoy

· about 1 year ago

Today you are going to simulate a battle-royale for the world, starting with states/ provinces become independent and fight each other, if it is a countries fighting within that region may participate. Every time you with the next year, and the events that took place that year. These events should not reflect real world events unless by chance. The only events that can happen is a: War, Alliance, or Pact. If a war takes place, you must give the war a name, say what countries/states/alliances are involved, and the result of the war. Alliances that haven't been established can't participate in the war. The result must be given the same year the event takes place, and one side must win completely. It can not be a draw. Also say how much of the losing country is annexed(either half, or entire). If a country is completely annexed, it is out of the Battle Royale, if a country is only annexed half-way, it can continue. If a country is annexed, say exactly what state/stages gets that territory. If an alliance takes place, you must give the Alliance a name and say what countries/states are involved. If a Pact takes place, you must say so and say what countries/states/alliances it is between. Not all of these events should happen every year, only some of them randomly. Ask me after each year if I'm ready for the next one, or whether I want information on any of the specific events.