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posted 12 months ago
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masterpiece, best quality, ultra-detailed, illustration, <lora:KikuriHiroi:1>, dark pink hair, closed eyes, braided ponytail, ribbon, strap slip, bangs, long green dress, detailed sharp teeth. bare shoulders, earrings, drunk, smile, solo, looking at viewer, open mouth, sharp teeth, from below, <lora:pastelmixLocon_pastelAccent:1>, black and white baseball jacket, open jacket, hands in pocket, city, japan, buildings, geta, road, sky, clouds

Negative prompt: lowres, extra fingers, sketches, (worst quality:2), (low quality:2), (normal quality:2), lowres, normal quality, ((monochrome:1.5)), ((grayscale)), skin spots, acnes, skin blemishes, age spot, (outdoor:1.6), manboobs, backlight,(ugly:1.331), (duplicate:1.331), (morbid:1.21), (mutilated:1.21), (tranny:1.331), mutated hands, (poorly drawn hands:1.331), blurry, (bad anatomy:1.21), (bad proportions:1.331), extra limbs, (disfigured:1.331), (more than 2 nipples:1.331), (missing arms:1.331), (extra legs:1.331), (fused fingers:1.61051), (too many fingers:1.61051), (unclear eyes:1.331), lowers, bad hands, missing fingers, extra digit, (futa:1.1), logo, white letters,missing fingers, extra digit, fewer digits,(mutated hands and fingers:1.5 ), (long body :1.3),bad hands, fused hand, missing hand, disappearing arms, error, missing fingers, missing limb,fused fingers, one hand with more than 5 fingers, one hand with less than 5 fingers, one hand with morethan 5 digit, one hand with less than 5 digit, extra digit, fewer digits, fused digit, missing digit,text,watermark, loli, young girl, skirt, socks, blur


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