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posted about 1 year ago
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(zero_two_101:1. 3), (zero_two_007:1. 2), 1girl, full body (waist up:1. 2) photo shot, looking down left, angry frustrated embarrassed, large military overcoat, cute, alluring, inviting, Jeremy Lipking, Antonio J. Manzanedo, masterpiece, highly detailed, 8k octane, HDR, ultra detailed, best quality, highest quality, realistic lighting, hyperdetailed, nude, naked, gorgeous features, clear face, symmetrical face, beautiful face, rendered eyes, detailed eyes, beautiful hair, smile, (bare exposed crotch:1. 1), long legs, [thick| slender] bare thighs, thigh gap, (small boobs:1. 4), flat chest, (bare exposed breasts:1. 2), small natural breasts, framed breasts, perky breasts, symmetrical breasts, perfect breasts, anatomy, athletic, bare middriff, navel, sexy, exotic, alluring, fit, mature, NSFW, masterpiece portrait, extreme detail, (character focus:1. 4), highly detailed, 8k octane, HDR, ultra detailed, best quality, highest quality, realistic lighting, hyperdetailed

Negative prompt: sketch by bad-artist, bad-image-v2-39000, (large breasts:1.9), large boobs, child (loli:1.4), bad_prompt_version2, abnormal breasts, abnormal fingers, abnormal legs, artist name, asymmetric eyes, backward hands, bad anatomy, bad body, bad feet, bad fingers, bad hands, bad proportions, bad toes, badly fitted clothes, badly fitted headwear, broken arm, broken hand, cropped, cross-eyed, crossed eyes, curled digits, curled fingers, curled hand, deformed, diminishing fingers, doubled head, extra arms, extra digit, extra fingers, extra hand, extra hands, extra legs, extra limbs, facial blemish, fewer digits, floating arms, floating head, fused fingers, jpeg artifacts, malformed fingers, malformed limbs, malformed shape, mangled hands, misshapen body, missing arms, missing finger, missing fingers, missing hands, missing legs, no pupil, normal quality, partial faces, poorly drawn, poorly drawn eyes, poorly drawn face, poorly drawn fingers, poorly drawn hands, pubic hair, signature, tentacle finger, too many arms, too many fingers, unattached head, unibrow, untracked eyes, username, watermark, worst quality, wrong arm position, wrong finger position, gross proportions, artist name, letters, logo, signature, text, username, watermark, words, bad art, blurry, cropped, error, jpeg artifacts, low quality, lowres, normal quality, worst quality


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