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BenjaminC posted 7 months ago
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(masterpiece:1.1) , (ultra hi res:1.2) , picture of a woman, (fur sweater) , only latex pants, (blue) eyes, perfect eyes, blond hair, short hair, high quality, highly detailed, (Sharpdetail:1.3) , (PhotoGrain:1.5) , photorealism, hyperrealism, realistic, real, natural color, warm tone <lora:SDXL1.0_Essenz-series-by-AI_Characters_Style_HighQualityHeavilyPostProcessedPhotography-v1.1-'Hal':1>
Negative prompt:

bad-hands-5 badhandv4 bad-picture-chill-75v EasyNegative verybadimagenegative_v1. 3, only butt focus


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