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JH_LEE posted 2 months ago
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(masterpiece:1.3) , perfect anatomy, 32k UHD resolution, professional photography, (realistic photo:1.3) , cinematic angle, (best quality:1.3) , (high quality:1.2) , depht of field, beautiful woman, (Celestial Elegance Ensemble:1.2) , (Galactic-inspired Fabric Patterns:1.1) , (Starlight Sequin Embellishments:1.2) , (Extravagant Moonlit Train:1.1) , (Celestial Halo Headpiece:1.2) , (Ethereal Glow Fabric:1.1) , (Abstract Constellation Embroidery:1.1) , (Luxurious Nebula Palette:1.2) , (Stellar Runway Pose:1.1) , (Cosmic Atmosphere:1.2) , Korean fantasy
Negative prompt:

low quality, worst quality, ac_neg1, (bad hands:1.2) , bad anatomy, anime


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