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iiibax posted 2 months ago
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hyper realistic high detail raytracing octane render. Foggy Sea of Darkness. Darkly beautiful. Marshland river delta. Twisted trees and muted colored flowers. Hanging vines. Ruined fantasy medieval city in background and jagged mountain peaks, [ in the style of sabattier filter, high detailed, light red, dynamic and dramatic compositions, shot on 70mm, kimoicore, iso, detailed, liquid explosions, product promotional conceptual photography, (cinematic atmosphere) , RAW photo shot by dslr Fujifilm XT3 depth of field bokeh soft lighting film grain photography Realistic photo-realistic Lifelike, detailed photo background, full sharp intricate 4k 8k quality resolution uhd extremely ultra texture]
Negative prompt:

[illustrations, text, watermark, blurry, ugly, cartoon, deformed feet, deformed, deformed hands, deformed faces, deformed lips, plastic looking, fake teeth, fake skin, nsfw]


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