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AirtiArty posted 9 months ago
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Impainted (big white pearl earring) A-Zovya RPG Artist Tools V3

A portrait of the painting girl with a pearl earring, elf in the forest, detailed illustration, digital art, overdetailed art, character concept, by Dan Mumford, by Peter Mohrbacher, by Greg Rutkowski, fantasy character, detailed illustration, hd, 4k, trending on artstation, best quality, highres

Negative prompt: lowres| text| error| missing fingers| extra digit| fewer digits| cropped| (worst quality| low quality:1.4)| jpeg artifacts| signature| bad anatomy| extra legs| extra arms| extra fingers| poorly drawn hands| poorly drawn feet| disfigured| out of frame| tiling| bad art| deformed| mutated| blurry| fuzzy| misshaped| mutant| gross| disgusting| ugly| watermark| watermarks, text, watermark, artist name, copyright name, name bad-artist-anime bad-artist bad-hands-5 bad-image-v2-39000 bad_prompt_version2 bad_quality easynegative ng_deepnegative_v1_75t, bad-artist-anime, bad-artist, bad-hands-5, bad_prompt_version2, easynegative, worst quality, lowres


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