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12 months ago

Using the trompe l'oeil and pointillism styles of digital art and photographic images taken with the ultra-advanced camera, create an artwork that depicts a male Jedi Master character from the popular movie "Star Wars. " The Jedi Master is shown holding a lightsaber emitting a blue glow in his right hand, while his left palm is directed towards a Falcon fighter aircraft that is about to crash down in a desert far away. The Jedi Master is using the power of the Force to stop the aircraft from crashing. In the background, there are numerous Storm Troopers carrying futuristic weapons, running towards the Jedi Master. The scene is set amidst vast sand dunes. The artwork should have a hyper-realistic glow that emits a radioactive aura. Use the combination of the trompe l'oeil technique and pointillism style of digital art to create a visually striking image that captures the attention of the viewer., man cleric-necromancer from the Middle Ages, with face covered by shade of dark-red hood, in scaled black and ceremonial clothes, shield and war hammer, antichrist cross on the chest, character concept, illustration, d&d character, epic fantasy, dark fantasy, intricate detail, realistic fantasy, photographic, cinematic lighting, hyper-realistic, A haunting scene of a zombie Stormtrooper| decayed armor| eerie green (glowing eyes:1. 2)| Staggering through a dark| abandoned Imperial base| (shadows:1. 1) lurking in corners| Tattered remains of once pristine white armor| chilling atmosphere| (4k)| (8k)| Gruesome details| unsettling| cinematic| mysterious| captivating| spine-chilling| post-apocalyptic world