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50mm lens with bokeh prompts

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Realistic jesus christ as god, dressed in heavenly king clothes, natural beauty face of jesus christ, jesus as man with turkish white face, jesus face with white mask, smooth and clear white skin of jesus christ, retouch face, realistic jesus christ, ( ((full body visible) )), looking at viewer, portrait, photography, detailed skin, realistic, photorealistic, 8k, highly detailed, full frame, highly detailed RAW color art, piercing, diffused soft lighting, shallow depth of field ,sharp focus,hyperrealism,cinematic lighting,digital art,standing in scenery,romantic landscape,ultra hd,ultra high resolution,inspirational sky background,heavenly kingdom and castle of heaven background,medium shot portrait,jesus looking forward, smiling, heavenly realm scenery and building background, spiritual background, inspiration background, brown hair hanging from shoulders, Jesus smile, intricate details, natural white light, beautiful color gradation, ultra flat light on face , Movie Poster Movie Effect, Bokeh Effect, Medium Shot Portrait, Digital Painting, Photography, 32k, Super-Resolution, Finely Detailed Face, Finely Detailed Eyes, Finely Detailed Hair, Studio Soft Lighting Effect, Effect portrait studio light frame, perfect defined face, 3d, digital painting, hyper details, inspiration background, unreal engine, ultra high, 3d, image quality, realistic portrait canon eos 5d mark iv dslr camera, ef 50mm f /1. 8 stm lens, 30.4 megapixel resolution, iso sensitivity: 32,000, 8,000 second shutter speed, image quality, 33 megapixels, Ivan Aivazovsky, by david a. rugged, canon 250d, nikon z6, canon eos r6, ProPhoto RGB, 50mm f:1/8 lens:: 1 uplight:: 1 --ar 16:9