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cloth face mask prompts

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9 months ago

Gujarati model, braless, Blush Pink Zari Embroidered Saree, bold lipstick, cell shaded, dynamic lighting, portrait, DDIM, WLOP, unreal engine, global illumination, detailed and intricate environment, intricate painting, HD, Razumov Konstantin, Vladimir Volegov. captivating, Extraordinary, Phenomenal, Remarkable, Aesthetic, Artistic, Enchanting, Sophisticated, Beautiful, Gorgeous, Exquisite, Breathtaking, ((masterpiece)), (((best quality))), ((ultra detail)), UHD, 8K, (((high definition))), ((illustration)), ((extremely realistic)), ( reflections), sharp focus, front lighting, intense shadows, ((beautiful extremely detailed eyes)), eyelashes, (extremely delicate and beautiful girl), ((brown eye color)), wavy hair, ((extremely detailed eyes)), medium chest, Radiant, luminous, lustrous skin, shiny skin, damp skin, sweaty skin, cinematic lighting mask, ray tracing, depth of field, dynamic angle, looking at viewer, (difficulty 1.4), ((macro, shooting, detail, face, eyes, nose, lips, eyebrows)), ((extremely detailed and realistic skin texture)), ((extremely detailed and realistic eye texture)), ((extremely detailed and realistic finger texture)), ((extremely detailed and realistic clothes)). Exercise precision to ensure the model's symmetry remains intact, devoid of any deformities, asymmetry, extra limbs, or double heads. Preserve the focus on showcasing her unparalleled radiance and grace. The image is centered, with a focus on approaching perfection through the use of the 60-30-10 color rule. The composition is highly detailed. The entire image is in frame. Emphasizing clear reflective eyes, white whites of eyes, the golden ratio is used to create balanced compositions, and the overall feeling is highly polished, sf, intricate artwork masterpiece