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Prompt by Rachey13x

neon light smoke background prompts

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1 year ago

BREAK, 1girl, solo, looking at viewer, flat bangs, (young cute beautiful 18-year-old girl:1.1), 3d face, beautiful girl, Beautiful face, pretty, girlface, kpop idol, supermodel, stunning innocent symmetry face, (hand of Guido Daniele), perfect body, medium breast, slim waist, slim legs, (high detailed skin:1.2), glowing eyes, goddess, natural skin texture, shiny skin, White skin, Beautiful detailed face, detailed face, real skin texture, cute delicate face, finely detailed face, golden ratio, golden ratio face, expressive eyes, perfect face, perfect skin, flawless face, clear face, shiny hair, pale skin, Proper body proportion, perfect anatomy, realistic skin texture, luscious lips, glossy lips, natural makeup, beautiful bright pupils, slender figure, intricate eyes, detailed pupils, detailed face and eyes, longeyelashes, blush, good hand, perfect hands, pretty face, beautiful female bodies, finely detailed skin, oily shiny skin, BREAK, (((((mecha musume, mechanical parts, super robot joints, robot joints, single mechanical arm, mechanical arms, headgear, mechanical halo, star halo, intricate mechanical bodysuit, mecha corset, bodysuit, full armor, (ember, battlefield, volumetric fog, grey mist, smoke, explosion, apocalyptic, destroyed city background, buildings on fire:1.3), (floating colorful sparkles:1.2), (energy beams:1.3), (highly detailed worn metal texture:1.3), (rust, dirt, dust, scratches, abrasions on the metal texture:1.2), science fiction, (Pink hair, pink theme, pink livery, pink eyes:1.3), very long hair, (A human who emits an aura from his body:1.4), (Pink energy light emanates from the body:1.4), (fullbody:1.3), (fly:1.3), (lightning discharge lightning effects:1.2), (electrocution:1.3), (Luminescent Particles:1.4), holding gun, battle, adventurous look, starry sky, colorful refraction, Wormhole world, futuristic cityscape, cyberpunk, machine, extremely metal textured, neon lights, (night:1.4), wind, Rembrandt lighting, space warp, fog, pixel art,