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Prompt:: modern style, topless, solo, erotic, lewd, sexy, {jenna ortega:1.9}, asian, beautiful face, beautiful body, laying on back, gorgeous, masterpiece, symmetrical breasts, huge breasts, wavy hair, streaked hair, bright lighting, atmospheric lighting, plump body, sexy pose, ((huge ass)), (presenting pussy), legs spread,intricately detailed, hyper-detailed, masterpiece, NSFW, immersive background, photo-realistic,character design, charming beauty, gothic, no clothes, sexy, waterfall background, 8k, big boobs, big legs,full body scene, nude, long hair, elegant, attractive, goddess, kind, pretty, smiling, female, nice, highly detailed, bright open eyes,realistic digital , concept art, smooth, sharp focus illustration, attractive, sporty, sexy, seductive, pretty, naked, skin, gorgeous, picture, beautiful sexy model, nude, bare, perfect skin, looking at the camera, beautiful, symmetrical face, sensual body, posing sexy, cinematic, hyper realism, high detail, octane render, 8k Negative Prompts:: (((ugly)))), ((duplicate))), ((morbid)), ((mutilated)),(((extra fingers))), (((poorly drawn hands))),(((poorly drawn face))), (((mutation))), (((deformed))),(((blurry))), (((bad anatomy))), (((bad proportions))), (((extra limbs))), (((cloned face))), (((disfigured))), (((out of frame))), (((extra limbs))), (((gross proportions))), (((malformed limbs))), (((missing arms))), (((missing legs))), (((extra arms))), (((extra legs))), (((mutated hands))), (((fused fingers))), (((too many fingers))), (((long neck))), (((morbid))), (((mutilated))), (((mutated hands))), (((poorly drawn hands))), (((poorly drawn face))),((( deformed))), (((bad anatomy))), (((bad proportions))), (((cloned face))), (((disfigured))), (((gross proportions))), (((malformed limbs))), (((missing arms))), (((missing legs))), (((extra arms))), (((extra legs))), (((more than two nipples))), (((floating limbs))), (((merged bodies))), (((poorly drawn eyes))), (((extra breasts))),(((red eyes))), (((multiple subjects))), (((extra heads))), ((close up)), ((text)) ,((watermarks)), ((logo)),(((cloned face))), ((glitchy)), ((bokeh))==========using custom blend of f222,pfg111,disney,hot fantasy,& hassanblend.... using euler a and 4x ArtStation 1337 with 2x upscale and 0.7 denoise for hires fix and face fix as well