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6 days ago

Draw a charming and charismatic woman, {with a bob haircut, dark brown, straight, inspired by Tracer from Overwatch}, {with deep brown eyes, long and well-defined eyelashes}, {with a soft and feminine face, full lips, and a captivating smile}. {She has a pear-shaped figure, with a slim waist and wider hips}, {with XXL siliconed breasts}. {Her skin is tanned, typical of a Brazilian woman}. {She displays several artistic tattoos distributed across her body} {and has piercings on her nose and ears}. {She is wearing a sexy bunny leotard, in black or shiny metallic colors}, {latex gloves and stockings that reach up to her elbows and thighs, respectively}. {Complete the look with stylish all-star boots and a large silver cross hanging around her neck}. {Her bunny ears, mixed with brown fur, give a unique and charming touch}. {Additionally, she wears stylish and technological gamer headphones} {and has long, well-groomed nails painted in a vibrant color like red or purple}. non-oblitagory details (sharp focus, smooth, aesthetic, extremely detailed, octane render, solo, cinematic light, intricate detail, highly detailed, high res, detailed facial features, Ultrarealistic Photography, trending on Flickr, trending on pinterest, insanely detailed and intricate, Lifelike, Authentic, True-to-life, Genuine, Natural, Cinematic Lighting, Dramatic, Theatrical, Atmospheric, Evocative, Mood-setting, Award Winning Photography, Acclaimed, Recognized, Celebrated, Honored, Prize-winning, Sharp Focus, Crisp, Clear, Precise, Well-defined, Distinct, Masterpiece, Ultra-Realistic Model, Iconic, Exceptional, Extraordinary, Stunning, Magnificent, Studio Photography, Controlled, Polished, Professional, Refined, Perfected, Nikon, High-quality, Reliable, Durable, Precision-engineered, Cutting-edge, No Filter Photography, Natural-looking, Unedited, Raw, Authentic, True-to-life, 8K Photography, High-resolution, Crystal-clear, Ultra-detailed, Immersive, Cutting-edge, Realistic Skin Texture, Lifelike, Natural-looking, Authentic, True-to-life, Genuine, Photorealistic, Hyper-realistic, True-to-life, Natural-looking, Authentic, Realistic, Hyper Realism, Ultra-detailed, Intensely realistic, Extremely lifelike, Highly precise, Stunningly accurate, Highly Detailed, Intricate, Elaborate, Meticulous, Comprehensive, Thorough, Flattering, Intimate, Personal, Impressive, Captivating, Professional Studio Lighting, Expertly lit, Skillfully crafted, Perfectly balanced, Impeccably executed, Artfully arranged, Million dollar Photoshoot, Memorable.)

11 days ago

cinematic film still (extremely detailed CG unity 8k wallpaper) full body portrait of a fierce, stunning warrior woman, powerful and determined ((Extreme close up:1. 4) ), ((medium shot:1. 2) ), brave warrior woman with axe, charging into battle, ((battle stance) ), ((bronzed armor:1. 3) ), (scar) (short red hair:1. 2) , (braided hair:1. 2) , ((hazel eyes) ), fierce eyes, (war paint) , (bold lipstick) , (strong lips) , (white sclera) , (defined jaw) , muscular shoulders, (chainmail) , detailed lighting, shadow lighting, intense lighting, combat ambiance, ((leather armor) ), (combat boots) , ((ancient battleground) ), stormy sky, roaring thunder, (muscles:1. 2) , athletic, (arms) , (sculpted abs:1. 2) , (from back:1. 4) , (professional majestic impressionism oil painting by Frank Frazetta:0. 75) , Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell, by Olivia De Berardinis, Brad Rigney, Luis Royo, trending on ArtStation, trending on DeviantArt, Powerful, High Intensity, dramatic, trending on artstation, ((trending on twitter) ), <lora:more_details:1. 2> <lora:add-detail-xl:1. 2> <lora:WarriorSpirit_V3:1. 2> <lora:offset_0. 2:1. 2> , shallow depth of field, vignette, highly detailed, high budget Hollywood film, bokeh, cinemascope, moody, epic, gorgeous, film grain, RAW candid cinema, 16mm, color graded portra 400 film, remarkable color, ultra realistic, textured skin, remarkable detailed pupils, realistic dull skin noise, visible skin detail, skin fuzz, dry skin, shot with cinematic camera, tribal tattoo