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small breasts prompts

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5 days ago

Two unique naked lesbian females, fantasy, dreamlike, whimsical, russian doll, 25 years old. Wide full body view facing viewer. Body covered in numerous Japanese styled colorful tattoos. Sexy, seductive, alluring and provocative facial expression. Ultra detailed humanistic facial features. , Both females are skinny, toned body, small breasts, flat chest, breasts pointing upwards, long erect nipples, narrow hips, thin waist, long legs, tall, flat stomach, gaping vagina, skinny thighs, long messy hair, crisp eyes, long eyelashes, small nose, black smokey eye shadow, slightly open mouth, breasts exposed and vagina exposed , Both females are wearing different style cross choker, leather bdsm harness, torn fishnet stockings, leather bracelets, earrings and rings. Female 1 russian is laying down on bed with red silk sheets, legs spread, legs up, vagina leaking juices, squirting, vagina spread, long labia and arms tied together above her head , Female 2, russian, is kneeling on bed with her head between female 1 legs. Breasts exposed. Juices on face from female 1. Female cunnilingus, lesbian cunnillingus, licking vsgina, oral sex , Scene is on a modern black bed, red silk sheets, erotic and lavish bedroom in a penthouse with erotic nude paintings and artwork in the background. Ultra detailed , The lighting is dim, warm and soft highlighting the 2 females embraced in cunnilingus, 8K, Ultra-HD, insanely detailed and intricate, ornate, hyper realistic, super detailed