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Hyper-realistic Midjourney prompts

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almost 2 years ago

Slightly tattered but clean paper, full color diagrams and behaviors of perfect cyber-mecha battle suit form on gloss paper :: Miyazaki detailed near perfect future designs and concepts from his own illustrations, art of Supreme Battle Cyber- Mecha UNIT 0010110 built specifically for the physical dominance and battlefield knowledge of a seasoned General, reflex that teeter in the brink of precognitive, :: Designed and Penciled by Shinichiro Wantanabe, The Pilots are three specifically selected beautiful and tough bikini model women, full page schematic of perfect specimen models, varied, beautiful, Highly Trained, gorgeous, Pilot 1 is a 27 year old Freckled faced strawberry blonde american cheerleader, Pilot 2is a 22 year old swedish and tanned brunette, 19 year old brunette asian american is pilot 3, all women with ample profound chest, :: Katsuhiro Otomo and Satoshi Kon style hand drawn vibrant, bright and incredibly Ultra detailed pilot designs rendered with unreal 5 engine, incredibly detailed and precise, Hyper stylized 4k render illustration, precise line art, Full wide Body shots, curvy form fitting, non existent attire, :: octane rendered hyper-realistic detail, intimidating , futuristic setting :: Vibrant explosive battle between Cyber-Mecha and enemy forces with startling unreal engine rendered particle and fire effects and lighting :: unreal engine rendered 8k high detailed backgrounds :: IMAX preferred perspectives :: Alpha α7, ISO1900 --ar 9:16 --style photo --s 5000

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