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An illustration inspired by Queen´s "Who wants to live forever" rock song, At the center of the canvas, a grand stage is illuminated by ethereal light. A microphone stands lonely at the center, representing Freddie Mercury, the lead singer of Queen. The other musical instruments are around it, symbolizing the other band members. All the tools are gleaming, almost vibrating with the musical energy they once produced. Hovering above the stage is an hourglass. The top part of it is filled with glittering stardust, representing the 'forever' - the timeless impact of their music. The stardust is slowly trickling down to the lower part of the hourglass, symbolizing the passage of time. Radiating out from the stage are waves, like sound waves, they ripple outward, reaching crowds of people illustrated at the edges of the canvas. This shows the far-reaching impact of Queen's music. Each person is touched by a wave, with expressions ranging from joy to sadness, signifying the deep emotional connection that listeners have with the music. In the background, a cosmic backdrop filled with stars and nebulae, a nod to the 'forever' in the song title. This not only suggests the band's reach but also the infinite love and memory fans have for their music. In the sky above, the band members are illustrated as constellations. They are looking down at the stage and the crowds, their faces showing a mix of satisfaction and a touch of longing. Lastly, in the distance, there's a dawn breaking, an indication of the continuation of life, the cycle of beginning and ending, aligning with the poignant theme of the song. Each element of the illustration gives a nod to the song's poignant question: "Who wants to live forever?" and how Queen's music continues to resonate through time, living on in the hearts of fans around the world, a fine detailed pointillism painting + low-angle view, hyper-realistic, fantasy architecture, colonne greche in degrado, art deco, expressive, rich jewel tones, radiating geometric patterns, symbolist influences, psychedelic figuration, magic fairycore, high contrast chiaroscuro, vibrant figuration, in the style of dark white and dark blue, Leon Bakst, Odilon Redon, Van Gogh, gold filigree line-art, impasto, white-on-white, in the style of detailed comic book art, amber and dark crimson, realistic hyper - detail, leica r8, bold, manga - inspired characters, by philippe francais, david bates,