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Prompt by Liliane

red haired goddess Midjourney 5 prompts

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5 months ago

Visualize an ultra-high definition, meticulously detailed full body portrait of a miniature, anthropomorphic fairy girl, a small magical creature exuding enchanting elegance and grace. She appears as a delightful blend of the familiar and the fantastical. This petite fairy, an embodiment of African beauty, boasts rich, dark skin that glows with a warm, iridescent sheen, highlighting the contours of her delicate features. Her eyes sparkle with vivacious curiosity and youthful zest, matching the playful coils of her short, black hair that defy gravity. She is adorned in a dress woven from the petals of the most vibrant and colorful flowers, the unique outfit clinging delicately to her petite form, complementing her animated personality. The girl’s most distinct feature, her shimmering wings, unfold from her back, catching the light with every flutter. They resemble those of a dragonfly, a mosaic of luminescent colors, delicate and yet powerful, hinting at her ability to transcend the world of humans and enter the realm of enchantment. She perches confidently in a human hand. The realistic rendering of the hand contrasts with her fantastical existence, displaying a myriad of textures from the fine lines of the skin to the smoothness of the nails, the size comparison further emphasizing the fairy’s petite charm. Despite the size difference, the interaction is harmonious, suggesting a magical symbiosis between the human and fairy realms. Her gaze meets the viewer’s, carrying a silent conversation, a secret shared between the magical and human worlds. The viewer is left with an impression of an encounter that blurs the line between reality and fantasy, a moment frozen in time where anything is possible. --s 250