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so the blue herbaceous moon is cold on the sad waist of the butterfly Midjourney prompts

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5 days ago

photography, modern, with a minimalist flair, underscored by the interplay of straight and curved lines, photograph captures a striking contrast between sharp angles and soft curves, guiding the eye through the space,architectural photography that revels in the subtlety of textures and the dramatic interplay of illumination, Canon EOS 5DS R, renowned for its detailed resolution, perfect for architectural shots, Canon TS-E 17mm f/4L Tilt-Shift Lens, allowing for control over perspective and maintaining the integrity of the space’s lines, tripod-mounted setup with a long exposure to accentuate the ambient lighting and capture the blurred motion of a passing figure, interaction of light and structure within a corridor highlighted by a futuristic light installation, solitary figure in motion, rendered as a blur, suggesting the transitory nature of human presence in contrast to the permanence of the built environment, corridor within a contemporary building, possibly an office or gallery space, polished concrete floors meet textured walls, and a curved glass partition reflects a neon light strip that loops overhead, carefully orchestrated, with hidden light sources creating a geometric dance across the ceiling, while ambient light softly glows around the curves, precise details in the textures of the wall, the cool reflection on the glass, and the soft glow of ambient lights, environment is an ode to contemporary design, where each element from the architecture to the lighting is crafted to create a sense of movement and depth, all captured in a moment where a figure passes, high detailing, realistic, UHD, many details --ar 9:16 --style raw --stylize 300

8 days ago

candid lifestyle with a touch of urban chic, capturing an intimate moment of leisure and education, young beautiful woman is centered in the frame, cross-legged on a glossy floor, absorbed in reading, a soft glow illuminates her serene face, high-resolution digital photography, employing a documentary style to convey a spontaneous slice of life, Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, celebrated for its detailed imagery and adept performance in various lighting conditions, Canon EF 50mm f/1.2L USM, allowing a shallow depth of field to bring the subject into sharp focus while softly blurring the background, dandheld shot at eye level, aperture wide open to capture the natural light casting over the subject, with a fast shutter speed to freeze the quiet moment, female, early twenties, embodying a sense of calm and introspection as she engages with the book, she is elegantly dressed in a black oversized sweatshirt and sleek leather leggings, sipping from a classic red can of Coca-Cola, which adds a vibrant splash of color against her monochrome outfit, backstage area or casual setting with scattered props and personal items, hinting at a break between events or daily hustle, setting is unassuming and raw, with the focus pulled away from the peripheral clutter to emphasize the subject’s personal space, ambient and natural, perhaps from nearby windows, highlighting the subject's features and creating a gentle contrast on the pages of the book, the texture of her clothing, the casual drape of the fabric, the glossy reflection on the floor, and the iconic branding on her drink are all crisp and discernible, natural portrayal of youth culture, interweaving the timeless act of reading with contemporary elements, aiming for an organic, yet polished visual narrative, ultra realistic, 32K UHD, many details --ar 9:16 --style raw --stylize 400