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Title: "Starting Your YouTube Journey with Free Tools" Scene Description: Depict a lively, engaging scene with a single character at their desk, surrounded by icons or mini-scenes representing the various tools and resources mentioned. The character should appear enthusiastic and focused, actively engaging with their YouTube project. Character: Main Character: A cheerful, gender-neutral content creator in casual clothes. They should be shown either typing on a laptop or speaking into a microphone, symbolizing their active engagement in content creation. Elements to Include: OpenShot: An icon or mini-scene with a simple video editing timeline. Kdenlive: An icon or mini-scene with a more complex video editing timeline. DaVinci Resolve: An icon or mini-scene showing color grading tools. Canva: An icon or mini-scene with a template for creating a thumbnail or graphic. Google Slides: An icon or mini-scene with a basic presentation slide. Inkscape: An icon or mini-scene showing a vector graphic being created. Audacity: An icon or mini-scene with an audio waveform being edited. Natural Reader: An icon or mini-scene indicating text-to-speech in action. Pixabay: An icon or mini-scene representing royalty-free images. YouTube Audio Library: An icon or mini-scene with musical notes and soundtracks. Additional Details: Desk Items: Include items like a notebook, pen, coffee cup, and sticky notes with motivational quotes or reminders. Background: A simple room with a bookshelf filled with books related to personal development, finance, and business principles. Caption: At the bottom or top of the cartoon, add a friendly caption: "Starting Your YouTube Journey with Free Tools: Creativity and Resourcefulness at its Best!" Style: Ensure the drawing reflects Liza Donnelly’s signature style, characterized by clean lines, a minimalist approach, and a humorous yet insightful tone. The scene should be lively, inviting, and inspire viewers to start their own projects using free resources.