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dark white and red Openjourney prompts

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9 months ago

color photo of grand admiral thrawn with fleets of star destroyers flying behind him, a commanding presence, calculating gaze, regal posture, piercing blue skin, glowing red eyes, sharp cheekbones, immaculate white uniform, strategically placed insignias, surrounded by an air of intelligence, eerily calm, strategic genius, the embodiment of power and authority, an aura of mystery, the epitome of confidence, an otherworldly aura, the weight of responsibility, an empire at his fingertips, the vastness of space stretching behind him, star destroyers in perfect formation, a fleet ready for battle, ominous darkness contrasting with the bright lights of the ships, a scene of impending dominance, a galaxy under his control, the camera capturing every detail, crisp and vibrant colors, high contrast, deep shadows, highlighting Thrawn's features, a sense of depth and scale, a wide-angle lens capturing the expanse, a vintage camera model, using Kodak Ektar 100 film, a 35mm prime lens, utilizing long exposure techniques, capturing the grandeur of the scene, a collaboration between Stanley Kubrick, Roger Deakins, Annie Leibovitz, Alexander McQueen, and Tim Burton. —c 10 —ar 2:3High resolution photography interior design, dreamy sunken living room conversation pit, wooden floor, small windows opening onto the garden, bauhaus furniture and decoration, high ceiling, beige blue salmon pastel palette, interior design magazine, cozy atmosphere; 8k, intricate detail, photorealistic, realistic light, wide angle, kinkfolk photography, A+D architecture