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Imagine a captivating emblem that embodies the spirit of Saint Traders, featuring a mesmerizing neon lion gazing directly at you. The lion's eyes are ablaze with fiery neon hues, capturing your attention and igniting a sense of awe. Behind the lion, magnificent neon angel wings spread out, representing protection, guidance, and the celestial nature of Saint Traders. Your task is to bring this emblem to life by designing a visually striking representation of the Neon Guardian. Consider the following details: 1. Neon Lion: The focal point of the emblem is a majestic lion rendered in vibrant neon colors. Its gaze should evoke a sense of strength, wisdom, and determination. Experiment with different neon shades to create an eye-catching effect. 2. Fiery Neon Eyes: The lion's eyes should radiate intense neon fire, symbolizing its unwavering spirit and passion. Use contrasting neon colors to make them stand out prominently within the emblem. 3. Neon Angel Wings: Behind the lion, envision a pair of grand, intricate neon angel wings. These wings should represent guidance, protection, and the divine nature of Saint Traders. Incorporate various shades of neon to create a stunning visual effect. 4. "Saint Traders" Text: Surrounding the emblem, skillfully incorporate the text "Saint Traders" in a bold yet elegant font. The text should complement the overall design and add to the emblem's sense of prestige and authority. 5. Composition: Consider the overall composition of the emblem, ensuring that each element harmoniously fits together. Experiment with different shapes, sizes, and positions to create a visually balanced and captivating design. Remember, your goal is to create an emblem that captivates viewers, symbolizes the essence of Saint Traders, and showcases the power and grace of the Neon Guardian. Let your creativity shine as you bring this emblem to life!