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cute freckles Stable Diffusion prompts

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8 months ago

High resolution photography of a gorgeous young 24 years old woman, (long platinum blonde hair:1.4), (in a lovely brown camisole & Desert camo BDU trousers with cute natural makeup:1.3), mojave desert road, a tiger companion with blue eyes. (Sony a6000), 85mm (1/10 sec shutter speed) f/4.5, award winning glamour photograph, ((best quality)), ((masterpiece)), ((realistic)), radiant light rays, highres, detailed facial features, (blue eyes), (freckles on cheeks and nose:1.1), high detail, sharp focus, smooth toned Legs, extremely detailed, extremely detailed eyes, extremely detailed body, extremely detailed skin, extremely detailed clothes, octane render, photo_\(ultra\), realistic, post-processing, max detail, realistic shadows, roughness, natural skin texture, real life, ultra realistic, photorealism, photography, 8k uhd, photography, hdr, intricate, elegant style, highly detailed, sharp focus, (radiant light rays), ((High Detail RAW color photo, full body shot), toned physique, toned legs, perfect face, (detailed skin, diffused skin pores), (highly detailed, fine details, intricate), (lens flare:0. 5), (bloom:0. 5), smog, light dust, raytracing, specular lighting, shallow depth of field, photographed on a Sony Alpha a6000, 85mm lens, (1/10 sec shutter speed), f/4.5, hard focus, smooth, (cinematic film still), (flirting with the camera:1.2), center framed, symmetrical blue eyes, (photorealistic:1.3), ((full body portrait:1.3)), (textured skin, skin pores:1.2), sony, fashion model