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Create an image of a modern radiology team standing proudly around their advanced imaging machines, including a CT scanner, MRI machine, ultrasound device, X-ray machine, DEXA scanner, and mammography equipment. The setting should be a high-class imaging center with sleek, contemporary architecture featuring clean lines, sophisticated lighting, and state-of-the-art technology. The background should include large windows with cityscape views and high-tech screens displaying real-time imaging data. The team members should wear professional, modern uniforms, exuding professionalism, innovation, and excellence in healthcare. The uniforms should be stylish and coordinated, incorporating elements like ID badges, lab coats, and scrubs in muted, professional colors. The team should be diverse, representing different genders, ethnicities, and ages, with expressions of confidence and approachability. The environment should have a welcoming and patient-friendly atmosphere, with comfortable seating areas, modern furniture, and subtle touches of greenery for a touch of nature. There should be interactive displays and touchscreens showcasing the latest in radiology technology and patient care information. Prominently displayed within the image, in a stylish, modern font, should be the name 'Radiology Connect Hub'. This text should be integrated seamlessly into the design, possibly on a glass wall or digital screen, to emphasize the innovative and connected nature of the center. The overall aesthetic should convey a sense of cutting-edge technology, patient-centered care, and a commitment to excellence in the radiology profession.