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create a highly detailed and emotionally evocative still life artwork that depicts the souls in the throes of excruciating torture within the fiery depths of hell. The art style should be realistic, akin to a visually stunning scene derived from a high-budget horror film. Using the medium of digital painting, infuse the image with a sense of realism and meticulous attention to detail. Highlight the visceral elements of torture, capturing the twisted forms, contorted expressions, and the agonized poses of the tormented souls. This level of detail will intensify the impact and immerse the viewer in the harrowing realm of torment. Employ dramatic lighting to enhance the atmosphere of the artwork. Illuminate the scene with a harsh and ominous light source, casting deep shadows and creating a stark contrast between light and darkness. This lighting should accentuate the pain and suffering etched upon the faces and bodies of the tormented souls. The color palette should primarily consist of dark, foreboding tones, symbolizing the infernal realm of suffering. Infuse the image with deep blacks, smoky grays, and earthy browns to evoke a sense of despair and dread. Introduce splashes of intense, fiery colors such as searing oranges and blood-like reds to represent the flames and heat that contribute to the torment. These bursts of color will heighten the visual impact and emphasize the anguish within the scene. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Hieronymus Bosch, Francis Bacon, and Zdzisław Beksiński, who have explored the themes of torment and suffering in their works, craft an image that captures their distinctive styles and the visceral nature of their art. Aim to convey the graphic intensity and emotional weight that aligns with their work, provoking profound reactions in the viewer. Imagine the scene as a frozen moment in a dark and unsettling film, where the viewer is confronted with the brutal process of torture inflicted upon the souls. Each expression should evoke strong emotional reactions, evoking a deep sense of sympathy and visceral discomfort. The aim is to immerse the viewer in the anguish of the tormented souls, forging a connection that inflicts an empathetic torment upon the observer. Through this prompt, the AI art generator can delve into the depths of horror and produce a masterpiece that encapsulates the visceral torment of the souls in hell. Let the detailed composition, dramatic lighting, carefully chosen colors, and inspiration from renowned artists bring forth an artwork that haunts the viewer's imagination and elicits a profound and unsettling emotional response."