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Prompt by d042f13ded9

(aegyo sal:1) prompts

hundreds of results

8 months ago

(1girl), (full body:1.1), (Beautiful Korean girl, kpop idol), (Cute Loose Bob hairstyle), (wearing a cropped jacket, sports bra, running shorts), (red lipstick), (small breasts, toned stomach, abs), (symmetrical eyes, beautiful detailed eyes, beautifully detailed face, aegyo sal:1, eyelashes:1), (high detailed skin, skin details), (photo realism:1.4), (photorealistic:1.4), sharp focus, 8k uhd, DSLR, photorealistic, hyperrealism, dramatic lighting, rim lighting, vivid color, post-processing, vibrant, color grading, RAW, analog, award-winning glamour photograph, realistic, highly complex, intricate, photography, hyperrealistic, raytracing, physics-based rendering, RAW photo, masterpiece, High detail RAW color photo, highest quality, best shadow, best illustration, ultra high resolution, highly detailed CG unified 8K wallpapers, f/4, beautiful mature college girl, in track outfit, outside on track field, ((slim, petite)), photorealistic, photo, masterpiece, realistic, realism, photorealism, high contrast, photorealistic digital art trending on Artstation 8k HD high definition detailed realistic, detailed, skin texture, hyper detailed, realistic skin texture, armature, best quality, ultra high res, (photorealistic:1.4), high resolution, detailed, raw photo, sharp re, by lee jeffries nikon d850 film stock photograph 4 kodak portra 400 camera f1.6 lens rich colors hyper realistic lifelike texture dramatic lighting unrealengine trending on artstation cinestill 800