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Using advanced image generation techniques, I want to create an ultra-realistic representation of an alien triangular spaceship. The spaceship should be engulfed in flames as it enters the Earth's atmosphere. The scene is set in a desert in the United States of America with rocky mountains in the background. Spaceship Design: Develop a highly detailed triangular spaceship with an alien aesthetic, considering sharp edges and intricate features. Ensure the design conveys advanced extraterrestrial technology. Flaming Entry: Depict the spaceship engulfed in realistic flames as it enters the Earth's atmosphere, with flames trailing behind it. Capture the dynamics of the flames with attention to color, intensity, and motion. Atmospheric Entry Effects: Integrate atmospheric entry effects such as heat distortion around the spaceship. Experiment with the portrayal of air resistance and the glowing effect caused by intense friction. Desert Landscape: Set the scene in a realistic desert landscape in the United States, with attention to details like sand dunes and desert vegetation. Ensure the lighting and shadows align with the direction of the spaceship's entry. Rocky Mountains Background: Include a backdrop of rocky mountains in the distance, capturing the essence of the American Southwest. Pay attention to realistic details such as rock formations and rugged terrain. Lighting and Reflections: Employ realistic lighting that interacts with the flames, surface of the spaceship, and the surrounding environment. Integrate reflections of the flames on the spaceship's surface and the sandy ground. Overall Realism: Aim for an overall realistic depiction, balancing the extraterrestrial nature of the spaceship with the familiar elements of the American desert landscape. Remember that the goal is to create a visually stunning and believable representation of an alien spaceship making a dramatic entry into the Earth's atmosphere over an American desert with rocky mountains."