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The image should be in ultra 8k resolution prompts

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6 months ago

medium close-up, young adult female, bright demeanor, long blonde waves, denim jacket, tailored fit, light grey V-neck shirt, pale pink jeans, statement necklace, matching earrings, impeccable makeup, emphasized eyes, natural lip color, radiant smile, warm personality, urban chic background, skin glow, subtle skin texture, casual stylish attire, sharp denim details, bright flattering lighting, professional photoshoot, harmonious color grading, softer makeup, subtle eyebrows, subtle eyeshadow, realistic eyes, natural eye symmetry, natural hair lighting, soft hair texture, correct ear placement, natural ear shape, complete necklace chain, realistic jewelry, three-dimensional clothing texture, natural clothing folds, natural mouth size, proportional teeth, realistic skin tone, natural complexion, balanced facial proportions, appropriate head size, full face visible, normal tooth appearance, even lighting, soft contrast, high dynamic range, lifelike skin texture, subtle skin tones, realistic hair texture, soft facial features, balanced exposure, upbeat demeanor, blonde waves, light grey V-neck, pink jeans, statement jewelry, warm smile, skin texture, denim texture, professional lighting, soft shadows, color depth, fitted denim jacket, genuine smile, casual elegance, photoshoot lighting, bright flattering light, color harmony, full head of hair, detailed eye construction, expressive eyes, photorealistic shading, natural light reflection, anatomically correct ears, detailed neckline, visible clothing textures, 8K ultra resolution, detailed texture, advanced skin rendering, high fidelity colors, natural lighting, subtle shadows, fine hair detail, realistic fabric weave, depth of field, anatomical accuracy, accurate facial features, high dynamic range, nuanced skin tones, balanced saturation, lifelike reflectivity, complex light interplay, ambient occlusion, detailed eyes realism, meticulous makeup, natural contours, precision in jewelry rendering, ambient light adjustment, texture mapping, depth perception, photometric lighting, anatomically correct proportions, sub-surface scattering, soft edge definition, image clarity, accurate shadows, fine detail preservation, natural color calibration, tactile textures, realistic material behavior, gradational toning, delicate skin highlights, sophisticated color correction, real-world light attenuation, precise geometrical detailing, natural skin texture, subtle skin tones, visible skin pores, natural skin glow, even skin coloration, soft complexion, diffused skin reflection, brightly lit eyes, natural eye color, clear eyes, light-reflective eyes, soft shadowing around eyes, striking beauty, captivating eyes, lustrous hair, radiant skin, elegant attire, graceful presence, vibrant complexion, expressive gaze, harmonious features, exquisite makeup, alluring smile, flawless skin tone, artistic lighting, refined elegance, fashionable style, charismatic aura, soft but defined facial contours, subtle yet enhancing makeup, natural but vivid eye color, well-defined but natural eyebrows, gleaming but not overdone highlights on hair, smooth but textured hairstyle, natural-looking eyes, proportionate teeth, rich skin complexion, correct arm placement, natural arm length, clear and focused image, attractive facial features, visible face, clear facial features, attractive look, natural eyes, proportionate teeth, smooth skin texture, correct arm anatomy

5 days ago

Create a hyper-realistic fighting game-style image with Mortal Kombat characters Scorpion and Sub-Zero, highlighting their unique powers and characteristics. The image must have 8K resolution and use HDR technology to guarantee a wide range of colors and details. Below, I provide a detailed description of the elements that must be included: 1. Setting and Environment: o Background environment: The scenario must represent a combat arena that mixes elements of fire and ice. On one side, an icy environment with glaciers and snow representing Sub-Zero's territory. On the other, a scorching scene with flowing lava and towering flames representing Scorpion's dominance. In the center, a neutral combat area that connects the two worlds.o Atmosphere: Make the atmosphere charged with tension, with visual effects such as ice particles in the air on Sub-Zero's side and sparks and embers flying on Scorpion's side. 2. Characters: o Scorpion: Should be positioned on the left, in an aggressive combat stance, displaying his traditional yellow and black attire, detailed with realistic leather and metal textures. His mask should be detailed, with eyes glowing a fiery shade of red. He should be surrounded by intense flames emanating from his hands and his signature weapon, the chain kunai. o Sub-Zero: Positioned on the right, in a defensive and strategic posture, wearing his blue and black costume, with armor details in an icy metal, showing textures of crystalline ice. Your eyes should emit a cold blue glow. He must be surrounded by a field of ice, with ice crystals growing around him and emanating from his hands. 3. Visual Effects: o Scorpion: Create a dancing flame effect around Scorpion, with his kunai shooting flames. The flames must be vibrant and dynamic, reflecting light and heat into the environment. o Sub-Zero: Add freezing effects around Sub-Zero, with floating ice particles and a trail of ice where he steps. Your hand should display concentrated power, with ice crystals and cold mist emanating. o Transition between sides: In the center of the arena, create a smooth transition effect between heat and ice, with steam forming where the elements meet. 4. Quality and Technical Details: o Resolution: 8K, guaranteeing ultra-high definition. o HDR technology: Use HDR to capture the intense luminosity of flames and the crystalline shine of ice, with a striking contrast between shadows and illuminated areas. o Details: Include fine details in the textures of the suits, the ice surface and the flames. Pay attention to reflections, lighting, and shadows to create a realistic, three-dimensional effect.5. Position and Action: o Scorpion: Must be in an attack position, with one foot forward and the kunai thrown towards Sub-Zero. His expression must be one of fury, with his mouth partially open revealing his clenched teeth. o Sub-Zero: In a defensive position, with one arm raised creating an ice shield and the other prepared to launch a freezing attack. Your expression should be one of concentration and determination. 6. Other Elements: o Game Interface: Add elements that resemble a fighting game screen, such as health bars at the top with names "Scorpion" and "Sub-Zero", and a countdown in the top center of the image. o Lighting Effects: Incorporate dramatic lighting effects that emphasize the contrasts between characters, highlighting the battle between fire and ice.