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Prompt by 607572f14f9

beautiful eyes prompts

about 20k results

6 months ago

masterpiece, (((best quality))), ((highly detail eyes)), ((perfect eyes)), ((((beautiful eyes)))), both eyes are the same, smooth, (((((perfect face))))), extremely detailed 8K, high resolution, ultra quality, glare, Iridescent, Global illumination, real hair movement, realistic light, realistic shadow, perfect quality, detailed shadow and light, pixar, ((FANTASY)), ((MAGIC)), (((cinematic light))), colorful, hyperdetail, dramatic light, intricate details, best quality, (extremely detailed CG unit 8k wallpaper, masterpiece, best quality, ultradetailed, best shadow), (detailed background: 1.4), (beautiful and detailed face, beautiful detailed eyes), High contrast, (better lighting, extremely delicate and beautiful) beautiful and detailed brightness, 3D, HIPER quality, 2K, 3K, 5K, 6K, 7K, 8K, ((((cute and delicate girl)))), ((((blonde hair))))),((medium hair)), ((((kawaii)))), ((cute eyes))) , ((((kawaii eyes)))) ((((Princess)))), ((((Princess flower crown)))) (((((LONG FLOWER BIG dress detailed glitter pastel RED crystal princess dress))))), shiny crystal shoes, ((gold accessories, gold earrings, flower accessories, pearl accessories)),((happy expression)), (((((blue crystals))))) ((((INTERIOR OF THE CASTLE, CASTLE ROOM WITH FLOWERS, CASTLE ROOM WITH SUNSHINE, COZY CASTLE, BRIGHT CASTLE, CASTLE ROOM WITH LAMPS, PILLOWS, ))), ((WATER FOUNTAIN WITH ROSE FLOWERS)))), (SHELL ACCESSORY), ((((((LAKE, SHELLS, FLOWERS,WATER SOURCE))))))), (((((FIREPLACE))))) (((SHINES, SPARKLES)), GOLD, (((sparkles))), ((shiny butterflies flying)),