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beautiful proportions prompts

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gamer woman standing in a game room, (ashleyBenson:1.1), ((platinum-blonde)), standing, dynamic angle, hyperrealism, 32k HDR, photorealism, ultra-detailed face, ((no shoes)), amazingly detailed model, masterpiece, ultra hd, computer gamer, gaming computer, gaming chair, streamer setup, (irish:0.3, english:0.9, german:0.5), long hair, highly detailed hair, smokey eye shadow, highly detailed eyes, alluring eyes, smokey makeup, ((165cm tall)), toned legs, shapely feet, perfect face, slim, athletic, (moody, atmospheric), (eyeshadow, eyeliner:0.3), beautiful, dramatic lighting, shallow depth of field, Ultra-realistic, beautiful lighting. Negative Prompt: crossed-eyes, drawing, painting, crayon, sketch, graphite, impressionist, noisy, blurry, soft, deformed, ugly, low quality, bad anatomy, lowres, normal quality, grayscale, worstquality, watermark, bad proportions, out of focus, username, bad body, (fat:1. 2), long neck, mutated, mutation, disfigured, poorly drawn face, skin blemishes, skin spots, acnes, missing limb, malformed limbs, floating limbs, disconnected limbs, extra limb, extra arms, mutated hands, poorly drawn hands, malformed hands, mutated hands and fingers, bad hands, missing fingers, fused fingers, too many fingers, extra legs, bad feet, misshapened feet, deformed feet, (distorted:1. 3), paintings, sketches, monochrome, text, close up, cropped, out of frame, worst quality, jpeg artifacts, duplicate, morbid, mutilated, extra fingers, dehydrated, extra limbs, cloned face, gross proportions, missing arms, missing legs, anime, cartoon, graphic, abstract, glitch.

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**Prompt for Ultra-Realistic AI-Generated Image of an Alien Triangular Spaceship:** "Using advanced image generation techniques, I wish to create an ultra-realistic representation of an alien spaceship in a triangular shape. 1. **Shape of the Spaceship:** - Develop a spaceship with a unique triangular shape, inspired by alien design. - Ensure intricate details on the hull and sharp edges, conveying a futuristic and unknown aesthetic. 2. **Textures and Details:** - Apply realistic textures to the spaceship's surface, incorporating metallic elements, reflections, and small details that emphasize its technological complexity. - Explore details such as inscriptions or patterns that add a layer of mystery to the alien origin. 3. **Lighting and Shading:** - Use careful lighting to enhance the spaceship's details, experimenting with lights that emphasize the triangular form. - Integrate realistic shadows, considering the position of the light source in relation to the spaceship. 4. **Space Environment:** - Include a background that suggests a space environment, with distant stars, nebulas, or other cosmic elements. - Explore the addition of reflections and glows that simulate starlight reflecting on the spaceship's surface. 5. **Alien Atmosphere:** - Consider visual elements that add an alien atmosphere to the image, such as ethereal particles or unusual light patterns around the spaceship. 6. **Proportions and Scale:** - Maintain realistic proportions, considering the scale of the spaceship in relation to the space around it. - Experiment with camera angles that highlight the grandeur and unique presence of the spaceship. 7. **Overall Style:** - Balance realism with a touch of science fiction, aiming for a style that conveys both the beauty and mystery of alien technology. Keep in mind that the goal is to create a captivating and believable representation of an alien triangular spaceship, pushing the boundaries of imagination and image generation technology." --- This prompt can be used on artificial intelligence image generation platforms to create a fascinating and ultra-realistic visual interpretation of the desired spaceship.