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blue themed prompts

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6 months ago

1girl, masterpiece, illustration, cowboy shot, (chromatic aberration:1.6), psychedelic, triadic color, (glitch:1.3), 1990s, 1980s, 2000s, <lora:colorfull style:0.4>, (head tilt:1.1), expressionless, (multicolored hair:1.1), futuristic, cyberpunk, neon lights, urban, dystopian, post-apocalyptic, augmented reality, virtual reality, holographic, (glitch art:1.2), retro-futuristic, vaporwave, (synthwave:1.05), outrun, (pixel art:1.3), digital, glitchy music, lo-fi, (glitch hop:1.5), (glitchwave:1.2), chiptune, glitchcore, surreal, (dreamlike:1.1), fantastical, magical realism, whimsical, dark, eerie, ominous, mysterious, enigmatic, haunting, otherworldly, supernatural, paranormal, occult, esoteric, mystical, spiritual, portrait, <lora:doubleexposure_Lora300:0.7> <lora:epiNoiseoffset_v2:1>, mature female, large breasts, (001glitch-core:1.1), constricted pupils, (evil smile:1.3), (yandere:1.1), (evil grin:1.2), <lora:crazyExpressions_:0.7>, (80's anime:1.1), 1980s \(style\), (floating hair:1.2), crt, film grain, cyberspace, neon, (glitch:1.2), vaporwave, cyberpunk, retrofuturistic, surrealism, (pixelated:0.9), dreamlike, outrun, holographic, kaleidoscopic, glitchcore, cyberdelic, dreamwave, outrunwave, vapor, digital, cybergrunge, acid, (trippy:1.1), (glitched:1.1), (cyberglitch:1.2), short hair, shaded face, shiny hair, neon trim, depth of field, long eyelashes, thick eyelashes, (backlighting:1.4), blood splatter, (blood on face:1.1), blue skin, blue theme, blue hair, (from side:1.2), (jpeg artifacts:1.2), rough sketch, lineart, (scan artifacts:1.6), matrix, motion blur,