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dances amidst swirling galaxies prompts

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"A vast, swirling nebula stretches across the universe, its vibrant colors blending seamlessly in a cosmic dance. Show the breathtaking beauty of this universal phenomenon in ultra-realistic 3D, capturing the intricate details and the sense of awe it evokes." "In the depths of the galaxy, a celestial event unfolds as two massive nebulae collide. The resulting cosmic fireworks illuminate the cosmic canvas with an explosion of vibrant hues. Create a 3D artwork that captures the dynamic energy and interplay of colors in this awe-inspiring collision." "Imagine a distant planet nestled within a nebula, its inhabitants gazing up at the breathtaking cosmic tapestry that fills their sky. Craft a 3D artwork that showcases the planet's landscape, bathed in the otherworldly glow of the surrounding nebula, conveying a sense of wonder and exploration." "Travel to the edge of the universe, where an ethereal gateway shimmers amidst the stars. This cosmic portal connects different realms, allowing passage to unexplored galaxies. Create a 3D artwork that portrays this universal gateway, with intricate details that capture the mystery and possibilities that lie beyond." "A lone astronaut drifts through the vastness of space, surrounded by an expansive nebula and distant galaxies. The astronaut's suit reflects the dazzling colors of the cosmos, emphasizing the connection between humanity and the universal wonders. Design a 3D artwork that showcases the solitude, beauty, and insignificance of the astronaut in the grand cosmic expanse.",artwork. cinematic, hyper realism, high detail, octane render, 8k