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Prompt by 8f9d9777340

detailed gorgeous face prompts

about 4k results

8 months ago

((identical twins:1.7)), a cosmic girl with (horns), ((long white hair)) in a place with much stars, ((absurdres)), (masterpiece 1.5), (incredibly detailed), (highres:1.1), (high detailed skin:1.4), (realistic art), bokeh, high quality lighting, skin texture, wide angle, (full body), (UHD), 64K, studio lighting, photorealistic, hyper realistic, symmetric face, symmetric eyes, bokeh, high resolution scan, professional photograph, perfect face, seductive eyes, curve body, brown eyes, long hair, thick lips, nose small and straight, long curled eyelashes, slim and elegant appearance, shoulders are narrow and hips are curvy, naked full body, ((stunning sexy woman)),intricate wizard robes, detailed outdoor background, high mage, fantasy maiden, fancy headdress, face focus, cinematic lighting, digital art painting,(((full body shot))), (cape), (messy braided hair), (rim lighting), intricate wizard robes, medium bust, detailed outdoor background, ((waist up)), (((looking over shoulder at viewer))), wizard, mage, dust particles, magic, magic particles, Macro crisp quality, (masterpiece:1.3), (best quality), (highres:1.1), ((absurdres)), (incredibly detailed), ultra quality, hd, insane details, close up, portrait, head and shoulders, high mage, fantasy maiden, maiden, fancy headdress, beautiful, gorgeous, detailed skin, textured skin, perfect face, face focus, symmetrical face, symmetrical eyes, detailed, highly detailed, 4k, 4k, HD, high resolution, realistic, hyper realism, hyper realistic, photo realism, beautiful, gorgeous, cinematic lighting, digital art painting