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hourglass figure prompts

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10 days ago

futuristic and serene with a focus on fluid forms and ambient lighting, harmonious blend of circular shapes, with the central installation echoing the overhead light and the circular, digitally rendered image that utilizes advanced lighting techniques to create a surreal atmosphere, theoretical high-resolution camera with a wide dynamic range to capture the vibrant colors and subtle gradients, lens capable of wide aperture settings to achieve the depth of field and focus on the central figure, camera is set at a low angle to encompass the expanse of the room and highlight the reflection on the floor, core subject is an hourglass-shaped light installation, solitary figure gazing upon it, light installation serves as a futuristic timepiece, its lower point touching the reflective floor, creating a radiant glow, figure is dressed in minimalist attire, suggesting a contemplative observer in a realm of advanced design, expansive, circular space with floor-to-ceiling windows offering a view of a twilight landscape, embodiment of modern architecture, with a sleek design and a reflective floor that mirrors the warm hues of the light installation, space is bathed in a gradient of pink and violet hues, with the light softly diffusing into the surrounding environment, light casts a subtle reflection on the windows, and the distant landscape is gently silhouetted against the sky's fading light, scene is devoid of any distracting elements, creating an immersive experience centered around the interplay of light, reflection, and form, UHD --ar 9:16 --style raw --stylize 300