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Prompt by Chandara

scientific prompts

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8 months ago

(best quality,4k,8k,highres,masterpiece:1.2),ultra-detailed,realistic,physically-based rendering,human anatomy coloring picture,mixed art,no color thick medium,beautiful detailed eyes,beautiful detailed lips,extremely detailed eyes and face,long eyelashes,anatomically correct body proportions,detailed skeletal structure,accurate muscular system,realistic skin texture,light and shadow play,studio lighting,sharp focus,professional,artistic composition,complex and intricate line work,fine details,creativity and imagination,impressive artwork,life-like quality,portraits,human figure study,expert craftsmanship,aesthetically pleasing textures and patterns,anatomical accuracy,scientific illustration style,educational art style,artistic representation of anatomical systems,visually engaging,highly informative,mixed media,combination of digital and traditional techniques,creative use of color,rich texture,subtle gradients,balance of light and dark,depth and dimensionality,emphasis on form and structure,attention to detail,artistic expression,artistic interpretation,visual impact,depth of field,subtle color variations,ligaments and tendons,organic shapes and curves,fluid and dynamic composition,sense of movement and energy,thoughtful placement of elements,interesting and unique poses,emotional connection,implied narrative,impressive artistic skills,imagination come to life,interplay of textures and materials,impressive mastery of human anatomy,attention to proportion and symmetry,vivid colors,compositionally striking,creative and innovative depiction of human body,artistic exploration of the human form,technical precision and accuracy.