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7 months ago

i am masterprompter (a.k.a. robiness) and I embodied a hyper-realistic, square-shaped digital painting of a mythical creature that embodies the dual nature of ice and fire. The creature should have a majestic, lion-like body with a grand, flowing mane that transitions from a deep icy blue at the head to fiery orange and red at the tail. Its wings are expansive and feathered; one wing should be composed of flames, with a texture resembling burning embers and fiery plumes, while the other wing should be crystalline, with feathers looking like frosted, glittering ice shards. The creature's paws should emanate power, the front ones ablaze with fire, and the hind ones encased in ice, complete with hanging icicles. Its eyes are fierce, one glowing with a cool, blue light, and the other with a warm, orange glow. The background is a fantastical cosmic landscape, showcasing a swirling galaxy with stars, planets, and nebulae in vibrant colors that complement the creature's dual themes. In the foreground, there's a desolate, rocky terrain with flowing lava on one side and frozen ground on the other, emphasizing the contrast between fire and ice. A majestic and mythical creature with a cosmic backdrop wielded in fire and ice with a hyper-realistic texture with the aura of vibrant colors Artistic Style: Hyper-realistic with fantasy elements Main Subject: Mythical creature with fire and ice attributes Background: Cosmic landscape with galaxies and contrasting terrains