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In the frozen wasteland of a once-bustling battlefield, a girl stood motionless amidst the eerie silence. She was encased in ice, frozen in time, but her armor and sword were a testament to the ferocious battle that had taken place around her. The girl was of around 20 years old, with sapphire blue hair and eyes that glimmered in the sunlight that barely made it through the heavy clouds. She was covered in blood, her sword tainted red from the blood she had spilled. Around her lay a pile of bodies, frozen in their last moments of agony and despair. The frozen ground was littered with weapons of all kinds, from swords, maces, axes, and even bows. They had been plunged into the ground, as if the earth itself had rejected the violence that had taken place above it. The girl stood in the center of it all, a solitary figure amidst the frozen chaos. Her armor was battered and torn, but it still shone brilliantly in the dim light. Her sword was clutched tightly in her hand, as if she was ready to strike down any who dared to approach. For years, the girl stood frozen in her icy tomb, her eyes staring blankly ahead, as if lost in some distant memory. Time passed, and the world changed around her, but she remained frozen in place, a haunting reminder of the brutality of war. But even as the world changed, the girl remained unchanged. Her armor and sword did not rust, her hair did not grow, and her eyes did not close. She was frozen in time, a living statue, a symbol of the endless cycle of violence that plagued the world. And so, she remained, a silent sentinel in the frozen wasteland, surrounded by the bodies of those who had fallen in battle. The world may have forgotten her, but she remained, frozen in time, a witness to the endless cycle of war and death that continued to ravage the land.

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