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12 months ago

baby face, glamorous, good bodyline, Petersburg young glamorous fashion model, 18 years old, perfect face, cleavage fashionable suit, scarlet see through transparent suit, light fair hair, light golden hair color, white glossy transparent skin color, deep blue colored eyes, natural wavy hairs, ultra detailed face, realistic skin, portrait, light on face, front side view, out focus, perfect detail, ((medium wave culled hair)), head room, studio, sporty girl, 1girl, large breast, intelligent face, Her cheeks were flushed, (pearl earrings), necklaces, elegant, shiny eyes, shiny face, glossy lips, ((pure face)), (veiny breasts), blue wet big eyes, charming, smile eye, focus on face, wind, blurry background, highly detailed, bokeh, ultra realistic, raytracing, artistic photography, (pale skin), (thick lips), (bold lips), (red lips), (pure skin:1.9), <lora:film:0.8>, (slender:1.4) (dreamy:1.9), (soft lighting:1.9), (gentle expression:01.4), (blurred background:1.5), (subtle bokeh:1.5), (fashionable:0.9), (stylish:0.9), (artistic:1.6), (soft colors:1.5), (girl with a dreamy and gentle expression, featuring soft lighting, a blurred background with subtle bokeh, and a fashionable look), (soft focus:1.9), (floral accents:1.3), lipstick, eyeshadow, 16k, UHD, HDR,(Masterpiece:1.5), (best quality:1.5), RAW candid cinema, studio, 16mm, ((color graded portra 400 film)) ((remarkable color)), (ultra realistic), textured skin, remarkable detailed pupils, ((realistic dull skin noise)), ((visible skin detail)), ((skin fuzz)), (dry skin) shot with cinematic camera