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The eagle, a majestic and revered symbol of power and freedom, commands attention in this scene. Its presence is a testament to the unwavering strength and vision of the Junoon fighters. The eagle's wingspan is breathtaking, stretching wide against the backdrop of the desert. Each feather is intricately detailed, from the powerful primaries to the graceful secondaries. Their hues shift with the changing angles of the sun, revealing a mesmerizing interplay of colors. The feathers appear almost iridescent, glistening in shades of deep browns, stark whites, and rich, earthy tans. Its talons, sharp and formidable, grip the Junoon fighters' arms, emphasizing the unity between these warriors and the symbol of the eagle. The talons are both a reminder of the fierce strength and a representation of the unbreakable bond between the fighters and their cause. The eagle's beak, poised for action, exudes a sense of purpose and determination. Its eyes, sharp and unwavering, seem to peer into the depths of one's soul. They are windows to the spirit of these fighters, mirroring their unwavering resolve in the face of adversity. As it perches on the fighters' arms, the eagle's body is a marvel of natural design. Its plumage is meticulously detailed, with each contour and curve carefully rendered. The interplay of light and shadow accentuates the bird's striking physique, making it appear as if it's about to take flight at any moment. The eagle's presence in this desert landscape symbolizes not only the fighters' unwavering strength but also their shared vision. It embodies the spirit of freedom, a soaring ambition that transcends the boundaries of the battleground. The juxtaposition of the eagle's natural grace against the backdrop of chaos and war amplifies its significance. It represents the fighters' commitment to a brighter future, where the pursuit of their cause is as relentless as the eagle's flight through the boundless skies., intricate design, silver, silk, cinematic lighting, 4k, --ar 9:16 --beta --upbeta --upbeta